Geohydrology Consulting Services

This discipline focuses on the study of the character, availability and quality of groundwater, and the geological pedals that steer its existence and movements. Geocon (Pty) Ltd is involved in the identification, evaluation and development of new and existing groundwater sources, as well as in defining long term monitoring and management actions required to ensure the sustainable use and protection of resources.

Geohydrological services provided include: 

Groundwater Exploration

Since 1997 Jacques du Preez has been involved locally and in Africa as Project Managers for the identification and development of production water supply sources through the siting, drilling, test pumping and development of boreholes ranging from localized domestic application use to major bulk water supply well fields.

A solid grounding is found in the core building blocks of any exploration study namely the gathering of information to ensure a successful project.

The starting point is normally an understanding of the geology, the structures that control the geology and the site conditions. Emphasis is placed on a mixture of known, proven facts and inventive new techniques to ensure all projects are carefully considered and conceptually sound.

The remote sensing is the starting point of all investigations (refer to examples below).


The remote sensing is the starting point of all investigations (refer to examples below).

Remote Sensing

Most projects are initiated with some level of Remote sensing including Aster, Landsat, Sentinel and other visual interpretations of geological lineaments and features to identify zone of elevated groundwater concentration. Refer to other examples below.

This forms the foundation of our exploration initiatives and assist with expediting field work by defining zones of interest for further investigation through geophysical techniques.

This forms the foundation of our exploration initiatives and assist with expediting field work by defining zones of interest for further investigation through geophysical techniques.


Remote sensing is normally followed up by conducting geophysical investigations. We conduct the following surveys:

  • shallow electromagnetics using the EM34-3
  • electrical resistivity imaging (ERI / ERT)
  • Manual surface magnetic surveys
  • Resistivity – using the Saris Scintrex system with intelligent cables.

Making use of the above mentioned laptop computers and software, data is captured in the field and 2 Dimensional graphs drawn to interpret the geophysical investigation results. Refer to example of interpreted results below.

In addition and as a new addition to our geophysical equipment arsenal, we offer the following state-of-the-art surveys:

Aerial Magnetic survey – using the DroneMag R3 unmanned UAV.

The MagDrone R3 is an ultra portable survey kit to be attachable to any UAV / drone with a 1+kg payload only. Geocon owns 2 x DJI M100 drones and the MagDrone R3 survey kit that can be used for general purpose surveys, science related magnetic cartographies, mine exploration or sensitive applications like UXO detection or surveillance.

The MagDrone DataTool helps to identify flown tracks, cut, filter and compensate the raw data, generates a preview and exports into various formats to further process the recorded values i.e. using the MAGNETO ® software, GIS tools or in Matlab.


Implementation and development of production water sources follows geophysical investigations. Development as part of bulk water supply schemes have been developed for numerous clients. This includes the drilling, test pumping and equipping of production water sources.


Geocon conducts contract research on a wide variety of water resources which include the mining and industrial sectors, minimization of pollution, as well as an understanding of the nature of South Africa’s aquifers. Geocon provides a complete service to the mentioned industries through field investigations, the development of specialized field equipment, and a number of computer models for the management and operation of the aquifers with the intent of protecting them from pollution.


Post development management of groundwater resources is done through monitoring and active calibration of abstraction recommendations, water quality trends and risks. To this end, Geocon owns and rent out a range of groundwater monitoring data loggers including water level, temperature and conductivity loggers, low yield purging pumps, bailers and sampling equipment, as well as water level loggers and casing detectors as well as a down-the-hole inspection camera.


Design and calibration of conceptual and numerical models to simulate hydrogeological conditions and predict possible impacts. A conceptual model is required to understand the relationship between the physical and chemical processes and is used as a basis for geochemical modelling. Normally the FEFLOW (Finite Element subsurface FLOW and transport system is used for groundwater models. This code is an industry standard groundwater modelling tool widely used in mining and environmental applications. FEFLOW handles a broad

variety of physical processes for subsurface flow and transport modelling and simulates groundwater level behaviour indirectly by means of a governing equation that represents the Darcy groundwater flow processes that occur in a groundwater system.

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