Hydrological Consulting Services

Hydrological investigations have been carried out in association with Highlands Hydrology’s Luke Wiles and include the following


Stormwater Management Stormwater management plans designed as per requirements of GN 704 and IFC guidance (where applicable)
Flood Hydrology Catchment delineation, flood peak and hydrograph estimates for a range of return periods, using a variety of techniques
Hydraulic Modelling Development and review of 1D, 2D and 1D/2D hydraulic models for fluvial, tidal and stormwater investigations, including floodline delineation
Catchment Modelling Modelling of hydrological catchments for the purposes of defining average and low-flow conditions, as well as impact of land use change
Surface Water Impact Assessments Reporting on surface water impacts, constraints and opportunities as part of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
Water Quality Monitoring Surface water monitoring as per authorised or investigative monitoring programs including sampling, analysis and interpretation
Water Licencing Integrated water use license applications (WULAs) according to DWA standards
Compliance Auditing Auditing of WUL as well as GN 704 and associated DWS Best Practice Guidelines, based on issued DWA water licenses
Water Balances Development and evaluation of dynamic and static water balances
Integrated Mine Water Management Integration of mine wide water balances and stormwater management plans for the optimal management and use of mine water
Integrated Catchment Management Assessment of the individual and cumulative impacts of operations on water resources, as well as the evaluation of associated WULAs
Reserve Determinations Ecological Reserve Determinations as per DWS requirements
Resource Availability Assessments Surface water stream flow measurements and hydrological modelling associated with informing availability of surface water resources for abstraction
Drone Surveys Elevation surveys using drone technology supported by Drone Deploy
Optimised Dam Storage Assessments Modelling of various dam wall height scenarios with associated design specifications and water resource availability to ensure optimised storage and abstraction
GIS Application of project-oriented GIS for the purposes of mapping and modelling as well as provision of technical GIS support
Project Management Project management from proposals to reporting, including client, authority and multidisciplinary team coordination


Some of Luke’s more recent project experience is summarised below and includes a combination of roles as presented in the key areas of expertise.

Client Project Country Year
DRDGold Hydrological Assessment for the Proposed Regional Tailings Facility, Far West Gold Recoveries South Africa 2020
Northam Platinum Conceptual Storm Water Management Plan for Maroelabult Section, South Africa 2020
Anglo Platinum Hydrological Assessment for the Unki Platinum Mine Zimbabwe 2020
Glencore Glencore Rhovan and Lydenburg Climate and Hydrological Assurance Assessment South Africa 2019
Khoemacau Copper Mine Hydrological Flow Model and Conceptual Storm Water Management Plan for the Khoemacau Copper Mine Botswana 2019
Klipspruit Colliery Hydrological Assessment of the Northern Road Realignment South Africa 2019
Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve Earth Lodge Flood Study South Africa 2019
Exxaro Hydrological Assessment of the Exxaro Kalabasfontein Project South Africa 2019
DRDGold Withok Tailings Complex Storm Water Management Plan South Africa 2018
Harmony Gold Mining Hydrological Assessment of the St Helena Shaft South Africa 2018
ACWA Power SolarReserve Redstone PV Hydrological Impact Assessment South Africa 2018
Northam Platinum Conceptual Storm Water Management Plan for the Northam Eland Platinum Mine South Africa 2018
Marataba Section of the Marakele National Park Marataba Hydrological Impact Assessment South Africa 2018
Electricidade de Moçambique Temane Gas Power Plant Hydrological and Hydrogeological Assessment Mozambique 2018
Kropz Elandsfontein Elandsfontein Conceptual Storm Water Management Plan South Africa 2018
Strata Africa Hydrological Assessment of the Proposed East Manganese Mine South Africa 2018
Selkirk Tati Nickel Hydrological Assessment for the Proposed Selkirk Mining Project Botswana 2016
Circum Minerals Sustainable Water Resource Options for the Danakil Project Ethiopia 2016
Auroch Minerals NL Update to the Manica Gold Storm Water and Flood Study Mozambique 2016

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