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Geotechnical investigations have been carried out over both dolomitic and non-dolomitic areas in association with Geobella Geotechnical for simple single storey building foundation to complex multiple storey buildings for Consulting Civil Engineering and Town Planning firms. Zonal maps are produced to highlight suitability and engineering requirements.


Geobella’s Mr. Bertie Cilliers is our Geotechnical Engineer. Projects include:


In addition to simple single storey building foundation investigations, Geocon (PTY)LTD has successfully completed investigations for heavy industrial developments where piled foundations were required, bridge foundations, dam foundations and road investigations.


Investigations include stability and site suitability as well as leak detection and construction / materials investigation for earth and concrete dam construction, centerline investigations for soil type and suitability purposes as well as site investigations for new bridges.


The powerline investigations essentially comprise an aerial-photographic interpretation of the route followed by a drive over survey and where possible a walk-over. The route is normally assessed in terms of ESCOM geotechnical directives for pylon or pile foundations. The aim is to highlight the geotechnical constraints and thus determining the best route in terms of geology, access, topography and crossing of natural or man-made features and indicating appropriate foundation classification.

In terms of urban and rural development the aim is to identify geotechnical factors that may influence the design and construction of the pipeline and reservoir. Involvement is in various stages such as the pre-feasibility, feasibility, design and construction phases.


Our engineering geologists are experienced in large scale exploration projects, deep mining, tunneling, open pit geotechnical design and rock mechanics. Smaller scale investigations include exploration for coal fields and other minerals, core logging and associated services.

The objective of pit slope design is to determine the steepest overall pit slope that has the highest probability of being stable, thereby maximizing the safety of personnel and equipment. Geocon and our external partners has been involved with slope stability problems for our clients and assisted with feasibility and preliminary open pit slope designs.


In order to comply with the requirements of the local authority, SANS 1936 as well as the NHBRC Home Building Manual (2012) a dolomite stability investigation is required for new structures in order to determine the Inherent Hazard Classification (i.e. the hazard of sinkhole formation) of the propose area.

The investigation process is usually lengthy due to constraints imposed by the availability of certified drillers, continuous discussions with the CGS and the local authority on the results as they become available and the possibility of additional drilling to finalize the hazard classification.


The term slope means a portion of the natural slope whose original profile has been modified by artificial interventions relevant with respect to stability. The term landslide refers to a situation of instability affecting natural slopes and involving large volumes of soil.

The Geocon (Pty) Ltd team has carried out analysis of slope stability for various purposes.  These include assessing the risk of slope movement for proposed or existing building, tailings dams, embankment slopes and road cuttings.  

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